House of Ukrainian Friends

The Immediate Past-Chairman and current Vice-Chairman of BRCC, Neil McGregor is an Ambassador of the House of the Ukrainian Friends (Services 3 — House of Ukrainian Friends) which is a group of Romanians and friends of Romania who have known and trusted one another for over two decades. House of Ukrainian Friends’ is a facility exclusively dedicated to temporarily sheltering mothers and children fleeing the armed conflict in Ukraine. Through a collaboration with the owners of a small guest house in Braila, we offer mothers a home away from home, a place where they would be safe and well taken care of, but where they could also maintain a sense of community. The House is able to host up to 28 mothers and children at any one time.
The immediate needs are as follows:
• One month (minimum) up to three months (maximum) accommodation
• Single, secure private rooms with ensuite bathroom, heat/AC, TV and Wifi
• Two full meals per day (breakfast and dinner); assorted grab-and-go snacks / fruit / drinks available throughout the day
• Available laundry service
• Weekly provision of supplemental supplies (toiletries, diapers, hygiene products, etc)
• Limited local transport
All free to our guests and at a cost of only cca. 20 Euro per person per day.
Please feel free to donate and give a small contribution for a big cause at: Donate to House of Ukrainian Friends/Casa Prietenilor Ucrainieni – Romanian United Fund.