How we provide value

We place particular importance on common sense, commercial awareness and effective communication. This includes giving straightforward advice in plain language and also taking time to understand our clients’ businesses and commercial objectives.

We work very closely with our clients, and also with their other advisers on particular projects. In some cases this will involve acting as a virtual in-house legal department for certain clients, including by seconding members of our team to work in a client’s office.

Although a number of our staff may work on a particular matter for a client, a partner will always act as co-ordinator of the work with overall responsibility for ensuring that the client is kept informed of progress and that the work is carried out promptly and efficiently.

When charging fees on the basis of time spent by the members of our team, we are happy to provide estimates of the likely cost of any particular piece of work upon request.

The hourly rates of each of our lawyers may vary as they reflect their individual qualifications and expertise. When we receive an enquiry from a potential client, we consider how the work involved can be dealt with on a cost-effective basis and will provide details of the hourly rates of the individual lawyer or lawyers who we propose will deal with the work. We are happy to offer standard hourly rates (blended rates) in appropriate cases.