Dispute resolution alternatives, for consumers and traders

Dispute resolution online platform in the EU

Consumers and traders often have problems following the completion of commercial transactions, but often do not pursue the solving of these disputes because the classical method, initiated in the courts, it may prove difficult, lengthy and expensive. The European Commission recently launched SOL, a new platform that allows consumers and traders to solve online their disputes covering products or services purchased on the Internet. Thus, consumers and traders will save time and money, while at the same time will increase confidence on online commerce conducted outside the country, leading to the development of Europe’s digital market.

Basically, the disputes concerning purchases made on the Internet by a citizen from his own country and from abroad, will be submitted to the dispute settlement bodies registered on the Online Dispute Resolution platform (“ODR”), called alternative dispute resolution entity (“ADR”). Alternative dispute resolution bodies will be established by each Member State, and they will need to meet certain quality requirements binding under EU law.

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